My Story

“Moving Forward with each Step”

I recently retired after over 30 years in the HR profession.  The joy of working with people and life’s challenges led me to become certified in a variety of fields to further heal, educate and motivate people through their own life
experiences. Those certifications include Grief Management Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Life Coach.  For more than 10 years I have combined these into a program tagged as my “Walk & Talk” sessions. This opportunity allows a client to come full circle from their grief, into a healthy, goal setting, motivated next step in life.

Creating your Program

“The next step in Grief”

Grief:  It is not just a bundle of painful emotions.  It is a unique process for each person to work through, as unique as their own personality.  It can feel like a lonely process, but when finally explored it can be a healing and transformative time to move forward with each new step.

Contact me to develop a program specific for your journey into new beginnings.